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Gray Green Fashion New Autumn Collection Photo Collage Promotion Banner
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Upstox ventured into Influencer Marketing with a bang with regional and niche influencers. Sociopool played a crucial role in helping us penetration through the interiors of India and reach the audiences. Besides the obvious, they stood by the brand. The team is extremely supportive and was available at all times to have a smooth campaign.


Sociopool offers powerful influencer channels that every brand must experience. Its passionate creators with high-quality social engagements and unique contents highly contributed to B612 brand. We also loved their clear and accurate communication skills, which has been a huge help to the promotion of our brand. Anytime we plan a new campaign in the future, I will be contacting them.

In the process of developing the Indian market, Sociopool has provided us with a lot of help. Sociopool has a wealth of Youtube channels with a strong appeal. They played a very positive role in our app promotion. At the same time, Sociopool’s representative is always able to provide the in-time service and help for urgent need. They are one of our trusted partners.

Nox Limited

Great influencer Marketing agency to work with❤ Best negotiable commercials with the perfect and a quick team to help you with the urgent campaigns. Sociopool or deepika, is just a call away and your work is done.

Bella Vita

Sociopool is not just a company to provide social media marketing services, It's a company which helps Ads become brands. I had done so many promotions with them till now, the best part is they always be the client side entire stages of the promotions. Simply Sociopool is Cost Effective- Work Appreciative

Team Lead - Joyidea Marketing

Aashish Bhardwaj

one such dream was seen by seen ur energetic and enthusiastic CEO and Director Mr.Aashish Bhardwaj who realized the need for different companies to reach their audiences with one click and brought revolution in the social media marketing agency by founding Sociopool in 2015 and because of his hardwork and perseverance he has taken the company to new heights.
He is a business driven entrepreneur with 7 years of total experience and experience in financing, corporate planning, marketing management. He always wanted to carve his own niche in the social media landscape and he always comes up with creative ideas and helps influencers in reaching a larger audience through social media.
He through Sociopool provides an excellent platform for young and aspiring YouTubers who want to turn their dreams into reality and providing a stage for everyone to reach the audience. He has worked with over 500+ exclusive influencers, production houses, singers, celebrities, animators, movie promotions and much more.
He is an inspiration to those who want to achieve big in life and don’t want to compromise with their dreams because it seems unconventional and out of reach. His goal is to create a win win situation for brands that he had collaborated with and to help them achieving near to impossible tasks and his goals are getting bigger day by day and are focused towards the growth of company.

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